About us

HelloFellow was founded out of the need to help prospective fellows  make an informed decision before joining the On Deck Cohort of their choice.

Our solution is simple - to provide a marketplace that helps connect prospects with fellows and give them a chance to schedule a 1:1 session. 

Our application allows for a personalised experience where we have factored various parameters of interest, to help find fellows that fits anyone's criteria.

The Team

Founded by On-Deck fellows from the On-Deck No Code Inaugural Cohort.

Chez Spigelman
Strategy Maven

Chez is a finance professional who moonlights as entrepreneur. He has ideated, built and marketed multiple no code products.

Micah Johnson
Product Wizard

Founded a streetwear company at 15 and got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Since then he's been building things with no-code.

Hakeem Sanni
Operations Overlord

An experienced startup operator with a knack for building cool things